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Trusting the process

When we started @utdsoccercoaching, it was for moments like this. These players joined us as 7/8-year-olds. We decided to break down the long-term development curriculum into windows to support the players' growth.

In the early stages of development, we encourage movement, postural schemes, and play. We never focused on developing tactics other than self-discovery learning. As the players aged, they took on more skills-based learning than individual tactical before team tactical development.

All these players play for a community club in their city. Much larger Academies surround them. This year they have become the champions of California by winning the @ecnlgirls RL title, They became the #1@gotsoccerofficial ranked team in Northern California, They have been to the regional Finals and Surf Cup, where colleges have watched many they hope to attend and play for next year.

We are so proud of their journey and how they love their teammates, environment, and coaches. How they get to play for their city and how much they genuinely love this game

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